Sunday, December 21

snow on the foothills :)

the rain has made things so beautiful. cold, clear air, bright colors, snow in the mountains...the trees are my favorite. they're the #1 reason why i love fall/winter (kind of the same round here)...

joey and gwen...

beautiful family

cam in his school christmas pageant...he stole the show as the unsympathetic innkeeper...

dad and i in laguna looking so very cool...

a few more trees:

just wait until i get out and take some pictures on our street. maybe tomorrow...seeing as i'm not quite up to my full prowess yet.
stomach flu = rather DIE
i was feeling stir-crazy when i finally woke up today and went to the store, and now i feel like i've lost a pint of blood. yaaay!!

Christmas is in 4 days...just in case you forgot.

anyway, that's all for now.


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