Tuesday, April 24

strobe lights and blown speakers, fireworks and hurricanes!

At least...that's what my head feels like.
To sound as cliche as the hills...it seems like only yesterday i started off my fourth semester...now i'm facing the scariest finals week of my life...next week!!! I know it's a silly picture but i'm very seriously apprehensive about everything. Thanks to an especially mentally tumultuous month i'm finding myself hopelessly behind...so i am very excited about the next couple of weeks! ten days of no sleep here i come!
I may have to take a couple of incompletes...which i'm not excited about. But i just don't think it's possible for me to do a month of catch up on homework in a quarter of the time along with doing my final projects. oh sigh...

On a lighter note, i've gotten some good work done...my watercolor class has been the source of a lot of that. (to the left...a crummy picture of a one-minute gesture) My "Alec" drawing is coming along swimmingly...lots of work to go, but i'll get it finished. I'm taking a picture of it about every 20 minutes or so...which has been really fun to look back on and see the evolution of the drawing. When it's all done i'll post some of the photos. (:

I went running over the weekend. I know...big freaking deal Colleen. Well it is for me!! I've been wanting to start up again for a long time! I even went out and bought new running shoes. And my legs hurt so bad right now i can't even put said shoes on standing up. Well, it's better since yesterday, but still. I'll be able to go out again tomorrow and very happy about it. really...i am...really.......

okay. I don't think i even need to say i have to get home and do homework, but i need to get home and do homework.

Ich mag allen sie...selbstverstandlich! (ich glaube das ist richtig...)




Anonymous said...


I see that you are very busy- congratulations on getting out to run! ... i should try that sometime.

Best of luck with your finals.
I can't wait to see you.

The Tree

colleen said...

Laurel!! I can't wait to see you either...at your WEDDING

i have a cd for you. love you.