Tuesday, February 20


Last Friday Pip played a show at the No Future...Alec helped out...and they did a stellar job.

While we were out that evening, Acacia and Aimee arrived at our house with their Pa. They were asleep when we got home, but the next morning i got up and had breakfast with them (Acacia and Aimee...Pa was gone at this point). Acacia made us fried eggs. yum...

and we ate outside! it was so amazingly beautiful!

Acacia tried to play the didgeree do...

And then it was time to work on Laurel's wedding invitations!

Acacia liked the cheesy puffs.

Later that day Acacia, Aimee Pip and i went for a walk along a trail by the golf course...and then Pip took us to the "secret portal"...which just turned out to be a creepy bum hangout underneath the freeway. It was such a gorgeous day! It was nice to get out.
That evening we made oatmeal and stuff and talked about really weird things. If i get a chance this weekend, i'll put up some videos.

Alec was there too...you just can't see him.

On Sunday after church we had to go to the paper store to get more invitation supplies...so we stopped by Old Town...
i'd like to think that there's an intriguing and intense story behind this picture...


almost finished...!

Acacia and Aimee left that night. ): And they left their mix CD that i made for them. Well, i actually forgot to give it to them. So i'll mail it this week.

Mom and i went out for sushi yesterday and talked. It was good...we discussed things i've been needing to tell her about for a while now...i took this picture from the parking lot (it had rained the night before...so it was my favorite sort of day).

Guess what? i sold my watercolor...the one pictured below! hooray! I really like watercolor. a lot. a lot alot. In fact i'm sitting here at school fresh out of my watercolor class as i've been putting this together. Now i'll drive to Trader Joes, get a workout, eat dinner, do homework and go to sleep. Maybe do some music...theres a pretty awesome song i want to try and cover.

thanks for everyone's prayers...i'm tired and moody but God is really trying to pick me up. But i'm one of those little kids who goes all limp and arches their back and won't let Him get a grip on me. I frustrate myself.


good night...i mean...guten nacht!


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acacia said...

those cheese puffs WERE good...

i promise i helped...

i love you colleenie, have a good week at school and stuff!