Saturday, February 3

Alec's Day!

Yesterday was Alec's 23rd birthday! He and Sarah were supposed to fly over to Dallas to spend it with his family...but they both got sick and had to be stuck here with the boring old Police's. oh well.
We decided to go out for a special Alec's birthday dinner. He likes Indian food, so yesterday evening before Bible study, mom and Sarah and i took him to Akbar in Old Town...

...and enjoyed a fine meal of saffron rice, okra, chicken and vegetable akbari, and of course, garlic Nan!

twas quite good.

Afterwards we went to Bible Study...which was very good even though i was strangely out of it...and Jan made Alec oatmeal chocolate chip brownies for his birthday! aawwww...

I have some videos...but can't yet get them up. perhaps soon.


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