Tuesday, April 25

Sparkle Motion

I'm on break in my painting class...i'm doing a painting that i actually kind of like...which is always good.

i haven't posted in a while and people have been bringing it to my attention so HERE YOU GO!

Not too much to report...just trying to get things back to normal at the house. My mom and my grandma are having a pretty hard time. My grandma goes through periods of suddenly realizing that he's really not there...and almost can't stand it. If there were more people these days that were as devoted to each other as they were this world would be a much better place.
grandma and grandpa

It's good to get back to school for just a little while (two more weeks!) and get my mind off of things. UNfortunately i'm just a wee bit behind...after missing a week and a half of school...so i'm a little stressed out. oh well. By next Tuesday it'll all be over! THen all i have to do is worry about finding a job for the summer...

Something else that makes me happy is that i'm actually going to miss school over the summer...i NEVER miss school! Last semester i was so terrified of my new surroundings i didn't really get to know anyone. But i actually started making some real friends this time around. Some days, though, i'm still terrified because i'm so shy and insecure sometimes...but there are some people at LCAD who are so genuinely friendly and that's been very helpful at getting me to open up a bit. i also pray a LOT.

On Sunday i had one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. Four people from my school and i were chosen to recieve an award from a foundation that gives scholarships to art schools and performing arts programs. So out in Lake Forest we all met and hung our artwork in a very big room with fingerpaintings everywhere and waited for our families. We were all standing there when all of a sudden little girls between the ages of about 9-14 came in caked with drag-queen-esque makeup and leotards and began giggling and stretching and jumping around. We all looked at each other...confused...and we were told that we were standing in the "changing room" and that we had to leave.

So we went into the next room where the "ceremony" was to be held, and Betty, our instructor, told us that it would be a sort of combined ceremony...and before our awards were given there would be a small dance recital. oookay...

So my family gets there and i tell them what's up and we sit down and wait. The program said that we would only be there from 2:30-3:15 so i wasn;t worried...it might be a bit amusing! As i sat, I looked around the room and there were about 30 huge paintings covering the wall. They were not very good...i was kind of embarrassed because if there is one thing my parents are a bit prudish about, it's bad art. After a little while the kids started dancing. Then more danced. Then more danced. then one danced. then more. then more. then one. then more. one. more more more...
intermission. Intermission????

Dad went outside. Mom and Sarah and i stood in back and giggled to each other as the dancing started all over again. The icing on the cake was when a famliar orchestral opening came on as a dance number began. my friend Danny turned around and said to me, "is this Bjork??"
it was. Joga. i didn't know whether to laugh or cry...
the best part was tha there were these old ladies sitting behind Sarah and i who kept saying things like,
"wow, these kids are great!" "yea, they're so talented" "this is really good" "Oh, what amazing kids".
And they probably couldn't hear very well because they were talking very loudly. Sarah and i almost couldn't look at each other we were so close to losing it.

an hour and a half later we had our names called, got our plaques, and in 5 minutes the whole thing was over.

yeah. I thought you'd like that. mmm, Nick just gave me some puffins.

Anyway i should get back to my painting that i kind of like.

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