Sunday, September 4

learning feels good

My my...a whole week done and gone! I'm only at home for this one evening and i still don't have internet access where i live so i figured i'd jump on and let you all know i'm still kicking...
School went fairly well for the first week, and i'm having to do some major re-adjusting to get into the rhythm of living and breathing art. Most of my classes look like they're to be fantastic and challenging, and i'm looking forward to all of them. My life drawing class is a 6-hour immersion in figure drawing and painting that i attend Mondays and feeling is i will derive a lot of pleasure out of these 12 hours a week! I also am taking what seems to be quite an entertaining perspective class, and a writing class called "critical reasoning". I can't remember the names of the literature we'll be covering there for all you scholars out there, but when i do i'll let you know.
The only class i'm not that excited about is one aptly titled "human evolution"...which is as it sounds, a course with the goal of teaching the evolutionary theory as fact. oooh well. i'll live. It will still be interesting.

Part of me is still terrified...i don't do well in new social situations (or, at times, even old ones). However, providence would deem me, in this case, to "suck it up", as it were, and move along. My nerves and yearnings for things comfortable and familiar are resisting in a big way. So i'll be finding challenges in more things than keeping my apartment clean and completing my homework on time...

Today when i was in the Art Store buying graphing triangles and marker paper, some young hip thug dude guy was standing near me when his phone rang, and when he picked it up, he actually answered it: "where you at?"

i nearly lost my lunch. right there in aisle of art bins.

have a splendid week, everyone...


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Jeff said...

Colleen I got off the subway in NYC near Herald Square on 34th street (the same street as The Empire State) after church this morning and there was this really buff black guy playing the drums on two big blue buckets, the ground, and a big metal pillar next to him. He was really talented, but when I joined the gathering crowd around him I thought, "yeah, this isn't like home at all...." While he was playing there were these two black girls that looked like they were elementary school aged, dancing to his music and had a whole dance routine. In front of them was a bucket to put money in.

As people were coming off the subways some of them instanty began to dance when they heard the drums. It was very i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g.

I hung out with Julia Congdon today and she took me to NYU and church.

Glad to hear you are doing well.