Thursday, August 11

"This is from...Mathilda..."

So...why did it take me so long to see this movie? I'm not sure. but i watched it last night, and i can say without a doubt that very few films have succeeded in moving me as much as this one did. Which is probably why i'm writing a little bit about it.
It features Jean Reno and the film debut of an amazing pre-teen Natalie Portman as the two main characters...Leon and Mathilda...flawless casting that shakes off any restraints that threaten to hold the story down. Luc Besson's direction is also beautiful to watch.

"The Professional" tells a story that sounds almost laughable and completely unbelievable: a hardened italian hitman taking in, and, in a sense, falling in love with a twelve-year old girl...and she with him...sounds a tad bizarre and terribly inppropriate. But the sensitivity and skill with which their incredible relationship is pulled off is what makes this film so worth watching.

Well, i don't want to say too much or scare anyone away from it; as i had really no idea what i was about to see, i watched with undivided fascination as it unfolded...and ultimately ended in the best and most brilliant way it possibly could (despite what i may have been hoping for). I honestly don't think i've ever cried so hard in a film as i did near the end of this one.
I just wanted to recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet seen it...though being late to jump on the bandwagon i may just be preaching to the choir.

Actually, just to be clear, I haven't seen this particular version here that i have a picture of. The uncut European version thought "too disturbing" for American audiences; with over 24 minutes of footage included that was cut from the version released in the US. But i plan on seeing it at some point.

ok, that's all for now. Is it stil Thursday? good. just barely.
I think i'll go watch it again...seriously.


JohnH985 said...

I just saw this movie not long ago. I don't know why or how I never saw it before, but I bought it used as a video store. Like you I was blown away by this movie. It was very good. The relationship between the girl and the hitman...if you describe it it sounds terrible, but it actually was very sweet. I'm not sure what the could have put on the European version that we Americans would have found offensive...but now I want to find it and see.

colleen said...

Supposedly, John, there were scenes in the uncut version that went deeper into his teaching her to "clean", and depicted them as having an even more intimate relationship...for example, them sharing a bed at one point, and Mathilda asking Leon if he would sleep with her, not understanding the difference between love and sex. Of course he says no, explains why, and i've heard that this scene (as well as others) is played out so sweetly...but you know how crazy sensitive and easily offended people are in theis country.
So we are the only ones in the world that didn't get to see the film in it's entirety! yay!
But, alas, i have not seen it i hesitate to delve into any further criticism before i do. (: