Friday, August 26

3 things...

1. Yesterday i blazed through a book called
Holes and thoroughly enjoyed it. A well-written children's book is such a treat to find these days! Often reading this, i was very surprised that it recieved so much praise and attention...only because parts of it are extremely violent and disturbing. But the story is enticing, and i've never read anything like it. Simple and complex, i recommend it as a companion for a good afternoon sit-down.

2. I am hopelessly addicted to Sudoku.

3. I finally watched the European version of Léon: The Professional and enjoyed it immensely. Far superior to the 20-minute shorter and less controversial American cut.

And there you are.


Ariel said...

Holes, I need to read this. When I was substitute teaching last semester, one of my classes had this book as their assignment. They were reading it out loud as I kept an eye on 'em, and despite their butchering the dialogue, I still found myself pulled into the story.

Plus you're reading Emma - bravo!

JohnH985 said...

The European version of Leon was that much better? I'll have to look for it than.

colleen said...

Ariel...yes, cliche as it may sound, i abslutely love Jane Austen. And not just because i'm a girl and occasionally find myself sweetly sighing in the midst of her stories; but because she's a brilliant craftswoman and i adore her use of the english language.
After reading one of her novels i always feel like such and unfit example of a speaker of such a complex, beautiful (and slowly dwindling) vernacular that is (or was ): ) our language! prepared to be surprised at how much of the story that's left out that explains all the little holes and continuity problems i noticed before i saw it. It's definitely worth a look.