Tuesday, November 10

give a caid a camera...

A couple sundays ago some of the fam went to deerfield after church. i took some pictures of caid with the beaded curtain...

some sort of animal, naturally...

joey had tea. caid decided he wanted some. so joey said,
"here, this is how you drink it. take a sip like this. now, it's warm, okay?"
caid obviously felt pretty good about this.
so he took a sip.
aaaand promptly spit it out.
not so good.
reminded me of the asparagus incident...

now! to the purpose of this post.

i gave caid my camera to take some pictures with...and this is what he saw:

(love the self-portraits)

(i took this one. he's making a fish face)

love this "series"

(mommy and sister)
(grandpa floyd series)

food arrived, and i took the camera back.
in chinese restaurants like this one, they give you orange slices for dessert.
and then i took these. because i had to.

the end!

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