Sunday, February 26

I don't understand people who are afraid of frogs...

I was cold. But i didn't want to put my sweatshirt on.
I was sitting out by the pool yesterday feeling all gloomy and sorry for myself...i must have been there for the better part of an hour.

Suddenly i saw a shape in the swimming pool that did not resemble, nor move like a leaf. I jumped out of the patio chair and ran to the edge the small shadow was headed toward, and a little toad poked his head out of the water, took a gulp, and swam on until he hit the side of the pool. I smiled, and immediately scooped him out of the water and cupped my hand over him.

I showed him to my family, trying to keep him from wriggling out of my hands...he had a strong little head on him! i stared at him up close, watching his blue-white throat move up and down examined his beautiful colors...and i swear he winked at me.

When i took him outside to the garden, he would NOT jump out of my hand...i guess he liked the warmth. And, as i am wont to do, i had formed a fast attachment to the little creature...what if Maela ate him?? what if he froze to death??? what if he forgot how to hop?????

But i had to put him down. You forget how miraculous even the "ugly" things in this world are until you actually stop tp look at them. The intricacy, the divinity in all things (and not in a pantheistic sense, please), the loving care taken to the placement of the spots on the back of a toad. How does one explain it without God? It's can't.

There is no God...right. okay. Why don't you explain that one?

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Ariel said...

It's good to know there's someone else out there who thinks the toads have a cool vibe going. Those nuanced browns? Those reticulated spots? God has an incredible eye for detail.